20x25cm Cuckoo Quartz Wall Clock Modern Bird Clock Home LivingDecoration


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Integer time reported (starting at 7 am and stopping after 9 pm);
Can be placed or hanging;
Low noise;
24-hour sports pendulum;
The window open automatically at Hourly chime, the Cuckoo will be jump out and talk “Cuckoo” at same time, after reports time had ended, the Cuckoo return, the window close. (NOTE: 1 hour, the Cuckoo calls “Cuckoo” one time, the wing to open one time. Example: at 5: 00PM, the Cuckoo calls five sounds “Cuckoo” simultaneously spread the wings five time.)


Shell Material: ABS
Colors: Green
Power Supply: 3 x Type C(R14) Battery (not included)
Function: Intelligent time reporting (21: 00-6: 00 not reporting)

Overall Size: (L)X(H) 20x25cm /7.87″x9.84″(appr.)

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